It happens, we think, oh my goodness I can’t afford another thing to go wrong in the house, what shall I do? We would like to share with you some simple fixes for minor plumbing issues and also a few tips on how to save money if you do have to hire a plumber.

1) Keep your pipes clean.
Keeping your pipes clear is one of the cheapest ways to avoid to a call to the plumber. The cheapest of the cheap way is keep a plunger handy. They are under $10 dollars and if someone in your household can go through a full roll of toilet paper a day, then this is going to be your friend.

How to use a plunger?
First turn off the water shutoff valve.
Typically this little guy runs under the toilet tank.
Remember the old faithful, “right tighty, lefty loosey”.
Turn it to the right to turn off the water.
Then place plunger in bowl, with the orange bulb over the hole and force the stick down.
It’s not easy. It may take a little strength. Today’s workout is brought to you by “plunging”.
Turn water back on after toilet drains.
Test the pipe by flushing, don’t forget to be ready to turn off the water again if it starts rising. If it does, try, try, try again.

Another way to keep your pipes clear is to use chemicals, for example “Drain-O” is a very common product.
But here is a Hubb tip to remember, never use a plunger after putting a chemical in the bowl. Pipe clearing chemicals are powerful
and can damage the eyes and skin. You don’t want a drop on you.

2) Be wise what you flush.
Have you seen that some municipalities are suing “flushable wipe makers”? Yes, apparently they are not as flushable as one might think. Wet wipes are a strong as cloth and fat particles embed themselves to them causing huge blockages.

3) Take care of leaks quickly.
If you spot a leak, it is better to have a plumber come right away. You will save money in the long run, because water can damage drywall and flooring faster than you can say “leaky leaky”. Renovation costs not to mention possible mold are potential savings.

4) Quality, quality, quality.
When doing renovation in the bathroom and kitchen, spending 10% to 20% more can mean a longer life span on the fixtures.
You are already paying for the labor to install it which is the more expensive part. Might as well get something that will last for years, so you don’t have to call the plumber back in a few months.

5) Call a reputable plumber.
We can’t stress this enough. You get what you pay for. If you brother’s uncle’s cousin ran the wave pool at Wild Waters that does not mean he is qualified to
change out a toilet or a sink. There is nothing sadder than paying for the job to get done…twice.

We encourage you to try Hubb Plumbing. For over 30 years Hubb has delivered quality to homeowners with fair pricing and highly experienced technicians. We are the hometown favorite in Snellville.