Gwinnett County Toilet Rebate Program

Save some money by upgrading your toilet and qualify for the Gwinnett County Toilet Rebate Program – check out the full list of toilets below. Rebates are available for up to two new toilets being installed in a home built prior to 1993. Hubb Plumbing can install any toilet that you prefer.

Toilet List available for rebate 

Note:Hubb Plumbing does not offer the rebate or approve applications, we are sharing information from the Gwinnett County site.

From the Gwinnett County Government Site

Toilet rebatesThanks to a measure approved by the Gwinnett Board of Commissioners, Gwinnett water customers can get a rebate for replacing the toilet/toilets in their single family residential home.

Only WaterSense certified toilets that use 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) or less will qualify for a rebate. The current rebate amount is $100.00 per toilet. 

Only single family residential homes built before 1993 are eligible for the rebate for a maximum of two toilets per household. Also, only toilets purchased after September 28, 2007, are eligible for the rebate. The rebate is a lump sum amount as stipulated above and excludes the Georgia sales tax, additional installation parts, or labor costs.

Details of the program and applications can be found on the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District website, Customers may also request an application by calling 404.463.8645 or e-mailing

Funds for this program are limited, but the County’s intention is to set aside funds for the rebate program each year. Rebates will be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers who do not receive rebates this year are encouraged to reapply next year provided funds are available.

Full and complete directions on how to get this are listed here on the North Georgia Water Planning District Page.


Great savings with the Gwinnett County Rebate Program.

Great Savings from Hubb!

Hubb Plumbing of Gwinnett County is offering a $399 toilet installation special. If you want a toilet that qualifies for the rebate, please ask when making an appointment.


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