Water line repairs can be frustrating. Sometimes what you hope to be a simple fix just isn’t. Hubb Plumbing in Snellville understands. If it is possible to save the water line and repair a partial section you can count on Hubb Plumbing to give you a fair shake and to recommend only what is needed. We are the community preferred plumber for Water Line Repair Snellville, GA because we want you to call us again and again and recommend us to your family, friends and coworkers.

The first part of the Water Line Repair process is evaluating your Gwinnett water line.

  • Is it a small portion that is damaged due a tree root?  Or is your problem a larger section that may have collapsed?
  • Are the pipes in good shape and holding up well?
  • What is the cost of repairing the line versus replacing it?


Call an Experienced Plumber

It helps to have a qualified experienced Snellville plumber answer these questions. Training is great in the classroom, but 25 years experience speaks volumes into looking out for your best interest as a homeowner or commercial property owner.

Because what you don’t want to do is put a bandaid on a small boo-boo that might turn into a big problem. If the structural integrity of the entire pipe is doomed to fail, the materials cost of replacing the whole line is not much more in some cases and you are going to have to replace it anyways in the near future.  Don’t pay to dig up your front yard or walls twice.

Hubb Plumbing Snellville uses video camera technology to view and diagnose your water line repairs!

Once the diagnosis is made, we can deliver you a quote that is honest and reasonable. We believe in fair pricing to our community. Hubb Plumbing has been serving the Snellville, Loganville, Lilburn and Gwinnett communities for over 25 years. We are the preferred plumbing contractor for many industrial and residential installations around the area.


  • $25 Off Camera Drain, Sewer Line Inspection or Unclogging any Line

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