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Call us at (404) 925-4675 if you are up to you ankles in it or if your backyard smells like a zoo. We are the best plumbing service for the job and we offer Loganville Plumbing Coupons!

Who is The Best Loganville Plumber?

Hubb Plumbing offers the following Loganville plumbing services, plumbing contractor, plumbing repair, drain cleaning, drain inspections, drain unclogging, toilet installations, toilet repairs, pipe cleaning, water pipe repairs, sewage pipe repairs, sewer line and septic tank cleaning, faucet repairs, kitchen sink repairs, garbage disposal repairs, water line replacements, water heater replacements.

We support and service your system of pipes that carry water into and out of your home and or other building. Hubb is the affordable plumber and we do our best to keep the job in your price range! And our customer service is second to none!

DID YOU KNOW? The term plumber comes from the Latin word, Plumbum, meaning lead. The ancient Romans were actually the first users of lead plumbing pipes. However today, most plumbing pipes are made of brass, cast iron, copper, pvc, plastic or steel. So if you have a 1950’s brick ranch, your pipes are probably more Roman than modern, which again means you need a quality inspection of your issue. Lead pipe build up can clog up pipe slowly, till a bare trickle will escape.

NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL: New customers receive a discount of $25.00 off your first plumber job in 30052. Hubb Plumbing is the type of plumbing company you will tell your family and friends (the one’s you like) about. We have been serving generations of families in the area for over 25 years.

Did you know Loganville is .17 percent water? Yes, and guess who you need to call if a portion of that .17 percent starts draining into your basement? Hubb Plumbing!

Another interesting fact is that the city of Loganville, Georgia has as of the 22010 census about 3,825 homes. That is a lot of waste. And who likes to flush money down the drain? We know that we don’t. Choose a Master Plumber to service your home, business or school. Since 1987 we have provided a continuous and quality plumbing service to Gwinnett County and Walton County, Georgia. We’re the plumber in Loganville to call first.


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Hubb Plumbing has been serving Snellville Ga and Gwinnett County for over 25 years. We understand that our community deserves great service at fair pricing. And we strive to earn your business and retain it so you won’t ever have to make a call to another plumbing company again.