The holiday season will soon be here! Thanksgiving brings friends and family and lots of good food. And lots of clean-up, too – pots, pans, dishes and more.

Unfortunately, all of that clean-up leads to a very big problem. It turns out that the day after Thanksgiving is actually the biggest plumbing day of the year. Plumbing problems actually spike on Black Friday. That’s not good and Hubb Plumbing wants to offer some advice so you can avoid Thanksgiving plumbing problems at home.


Pay Attention in the Kitchen

The kitchen is ground-zero for plumbing problems at Thankgiving. The reasons for this are obvious. With all those turkey scraps, potato peels and starchy foods disappearing down the garbage disposal, your kitchen plumbing will take a beating. Luckily you can avoid plumbing issues by taking a few precautions and using your plumbing wisely.


Follow These Tips

Garbage Disposal

Use your garbage disposal wisely. You’ve probably heard these rules before.

  • Don’t fill the garbage disposal completely before turning it on.
  • Don’t use the garbage disposal for grease, fat or oil.
  • Don’t grind up fatty, starchy or stringy foods. This includes celery, chicken or turkey skins and basically any part of the potato.
  • Use a sink strainer to prevent food from going down the drain. This prevents clogs and also stops little utensils from going down the drain.


If you’ve never repaired a garbage disposal before, Thanksgiving Day is not the day to do-it-yourself. Know your limits. When you take apart your plumbing, you run the risk of starting a major Thanksgiving plumbing disaster. Don’t cause more damage than you can afford to repair.


Be Prepared for Emergencies

With all your relatives in the house and a major meal being prepared, you’re going to need an emergency plumbing phone number on hand.


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Be prepared for Thanksgiving plumbing problems in Snellville GA.

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Enjoy The Holiday!