Does your bathroom need a makeover? Are you tired of the floor tiles that never seem to come clean anymore? Are those colors on your bathroom walls dated and dull? Does your toilet seem to have a flushing issue that never seems to go away?

Well you may be ready for a bathroom remodel. At Hubb Plumbing we would like to offer a few simple tips to help you have a successful makeover for your lavatory.

Tip#1 Create a budget. What can you realistically afford to change?  Some of you may have plenty of resources to change it all at once! However, some of you may have to decide what is most pressing for now and what can be put off until more money is available. The key is to not start your project and then find that you don’t have enough cash in the budget to complete it. For example you may retile the floors this month and replace the bathtub next fall.

Tip#2 Research online. Online is a great place to search for bargains and deals. You can call around and search for outlet stores that may have close out items for cheap. This will save you time and money by knowing what it is that you want, and where to get it!

Tip#3 Who will do the work?  Will you be doing the remodel by yourself? Or will you have some friends or family that can lend a helping hand? Do you know a reliable contractor who can assist you?  This will save you a lot of frustration by knowing who you can call on to help.

We hope these simple tips will help you to have a successful bathroom makeover. As always we at Hubb Plumbing would be happy to assist you in your bathroom remodel in any way that we can!  Call us at 404-925-4675 to get started today.