Crapper’s Full! And Other Septic Problems from Hubb Plumbing


crappers-fullEven though you probably don’t have a crazy cousin Eddie dumping RV waste in front of your driveway, you may still encounter some nightmare scenarios if you have a septic tank. The greatest risk with a septic tank is Sludge Overflow. Sludge is the solid waste that filters to the bottom of a septic tank. Then the water is drained out of the tank and into the Drain Field, where filtered waste water is released back into the ground. Eventually this water is naturally filtered and becomes clean and safe to use again. But, is the sludge overflows, it gets released back into the ground through the Drain Field. This can be dangerous! The signs of this problem are pretty obvious:

  • The drains make gurgling sounds or smell funny
  • Water backs up in a sink or bathtub when you are emptying it elsewhere
  • Toilets are slow to flush or overflows often
  • There is a foul odor or sinking land near the septic tank
  • System alarms sounding

How can you prevent this?

  1. Control Water Use by fixing leaky faucets, spreading out the laundry throughout the week, shortening your showers and number of flushes, and installing low output faucets.
  2. Do not use harsh cleaners, which can kill the natural organisms that break down the sludge. This includes bleach, disinfectants, and phosphorous detergents.
  3. Don’t use additives, most of the time they are unnecessary, because the organisms occur naturally. As long as you follow our tip #2, you do not need them.
  4. Protect the area where the system is located. Do not plant trees or park cars over the area.
  5. Regularly clean the pump and tank. This is where we come in! You need a licensed professional to empty the sludge every 4-5 years.

Let us do the dirty work. Call Hubb Plumbing to help with septic problems and routine maintenance.

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