At Hubb Plumbing, we think it is important to keep an eye on industry trends and emerging technologies. We hope that new improvements will save you time and money in the long run. Here are some of the things that are becoming more and more available to consumers.

  1. Green Plumbing Fixtures – Some of the hottest improvements right now are technologies to help homes use water more efficiently. These include re-circulation pumps to reuse the water wasted while water heats and rainwater retention systems. There are also options for high-efficiency toilets, faucets and shower heads.
  2. Pipe Material Improvements – Polypropylene Random (PPR) Pipe – These pipes are made from a common plastic ingredient, but have modifications that help it handle higher temperatures. It is also more durable than PVC and can be fused together, which would prevent leaks. Stainless steel pipes – Stainless materials, although expensive, solve two major problems that traditional PVC pipes have. They are more durable than many traditional piping materials. More importantly, oil and grease do not stick to them. This means fewer busts and clogs! Both materials are not yet common in residential plumbing, but may be in the future.
  3. Tank/Tankless Water Heaters – While tankless water heaters are not new technology, many improvements have made them a good option for residential water heating. They save energy by only heating water when hot water is needed. There are also improvements in efficiency with the traditional water heaters, which make them a good money-saving option. Also, there is a hybrid option which combines the technologies of tank and tankless water heater. It is important to get a professional to install the water heater – minor mistakes can cause major problems later on! (Psst! Our new customers get $50.00 off new heater installation.)

We continue to research improvements in the plumbing industry as they become available to consumers. Hubb Plumbing in Snellville strives to remain versatile, even after 25 years in the business!