Poop, Turds, Dookie, Pooh, Fecal Matter…… Whatever you call it, it is never nice when it doesn’t go down the toilet when it is supposed to! At Hubb plumbing we understand your frustration! We would like to offer a few simple tips to help you know if it is time to get a new toilet!

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Tip#1 Do you continue to have recurring problems? Does the toilet back up frequently? Do have a trick to making it flush and stay down? If your toilet has issues it may be time to replace! Your John may be ready for retirement even if your butts not!

Tip#2 Will it cost more to repair than replace? If the answer is yes, than get yourself a new porcelain pal! The good news is most new toilets use less water to flush actually saving you money on your water bill.

Tip#3 Are there any cracks in your toilet bowl? Well your toilet finally cracked under the pressure of trying to deal with your….. waste elimination! You could always temporarily glue the crack, however over time the glue will not be able to hold it together, so it’s is best to replace your bowl as soon as possible!

Tip#4 Does your toilet always look dirty? Over the years with all the wear and tear toilets can get scratched on the inside of the bowl causing them to stain. No matter how much bleach and cleaning products you use, your bowl always looks polluted. For a cleaner look and feel, it may be time for a makeover!

Well we hope these simple tips will help you! At Hubb Plumbing we are offering a $399 new toilet and installation special! We will come to your home and replace your old toilet with a new one!  Give us a call today 404-925-4675.