Scary Plumbing Problems from your Snellville Plumber


For a Homeowner – there might be nothing scarier than a plumbing problem. In honor of October, here are some of the most frightening encounters common in plumbing:

1. Pipes that go bump in the Night –Otherwise known as water hammer, this phenomena happens when water flow is stopped and a shock wave flows through the pipes suddenly. If you hear these noises, you may have a broken water arrester or you may not have one at all. You can try to fix it yourself, just turn off the water supply and then turn on the lowest and highest faucets in your house until they stop dripping. Then turn off the faucets and turn the main line back on. This will reintroduce an air cushion that prevents that scary bump! If that does not work, call your plumber – a powerful hammer can damage pipes.

2. Pumpkin Guts – Just like coffee grounds, grease and pasta, Pumpkin innards are a no-no for the garbage disposal. The sticky, stringy material are sure to make a mess in the disposal and clog up the pipes.

3. The BLOB! – Speaking of clogs, there are many other causes for these scary encounters: from soapy residue and hair to problems with the water heater. The most effective and safe way to remove a simple clog is drop a cup of baking soda down the drain and follow it with a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture stew for half an hour and then chase it with some boiling hot water.

4. The Giant Bill – Probably the scariest plumbing problem is what it could cost to repair major damage. At Hubb Plumbing we are committed to great service and fair pricing. And if you smell trouble, we recommend that you contact a professional for an inspection, instead of waiting for bigger issues down the road.

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