A Thankful List from Hubb Plumbing

Hubb Plumbing for Turkey


Happy Thanksgiving to the friends of Hubb Plumbing! In preparation for the holiday, we have been thinking about a few things we are thankful for


  • The momentous centerpiece of Thanksgiving, the turkey! Whether fried, baked, brined, stuffed or rubbed, we are grateful for the people who spend days getting it prepared!
  • The main reason we celebrate the Holiday: our wonderful families. We look forward to making memories with them this week.
  • The inventor of the water heater, Edwin Ruud…




We all have to thank Mr. Ruud for harnessing the power of convection and running water to create the first automatic storage water heater. It is easy to take hot water for granted, when it’s such a common home feature, but it used to be a luxury that took a lot of long hard work. Ruud was inspired by an instantaneous water heater created by British Painter Benjamin Maughn in 1868. It was called the “gas geyser” because it used natural gas as the heat source. But, it was dangerous for use.


Mr. Ruud, a Norwegian immigrant to the United States was a mechanical engineer. He was inspired by the geyser’s design and began to develop the first storage heater. He patented the design in 1889. It was made of cast iron and a coil of copper tube that the water could flow through. It used gas for heat as well. Turning on the faucet activated the burners in the heater. Ruud later invented a “tankless” water heater that preceded today’s designs. Mr. Ruud started Ruud Manufacturing Company in 1897 and began making heaters for both homes and businesses.


  • We also are thankful for the inventive American spirit.
  • Running water
  • Our wonderful customers.


We hope you are able to enjoy all the things you are thankful for this week, including a nice hot shower!

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