Except for people in our business, people rarely give much thought to a drainpipe. It’s a ubiquitous piece of equipment that doesn’t get much love when everything is running right. But sometimes, the lowly pipe gets a boost in profile – especially when something unusual ends up in the drain. We discovered some interesting plumbing examples…

 Wacky Plumbing Stories

  • Just this week, strange white foam poured out of a drainpipe onto a Tokyo street! Onlookers were tempted to dive into the snow-like suds – which turned out to be 10 gallons of body soap. No word on why someone in the production company employee renting the building decided to dump the suds into a drain.
  • Back in May, a newborn baby survived after he was dramatically rescued from a drain pipe in China. The mother claims the baby slipped out accidentally into the drain. She then reported to her landlord that she heard crying and he called police. The baby is fine now, but you can see pictures of the incredible rescue here.
  • People traveling in North Texas this holiday weekend should watch out for the invasive Zebra Mussel. These little (they start off microscopic) guys are viral there – it has been spreading by mud and water in improperly cleaned boats. Not only do they destroy fish populations in lakes and rivers, but they invade domestic water pipes, eventually causing them to explode!
  • There was an old urban legend about alligators discovered in the toilet and drainpipes, after people decided to let their growing pets go. We hear the legend originates in New York – perhaps it’s true. We haven’t found any yet, although they are quite commonly caught in storm drains in the swampy southeast.

We have also heard reports of iPhones, snakes, false teeth and pants discovered in drains. Whether it is something wacky or run-of-the-mill, Hubb Plumbing in Metro Atlanta can help!

Just… no gators please.