It’s getting cold out there! While we love the wonderful things that come with winter, like Turkey and Santa, the southern-loving folk at Hubb Plumbing are amazed by those who embrace the cold. (Who wants a higher heat bill and freezing pipes?) One group who has this down – the brave souls who do the Polar Bear Plunge.


You’ve probably seen the craziness in action. Seemingly normal people run into an ice-cold lake or river, and then wait until their body adjusts to the freezing temperatures. Most of the time, the major PBP events are held to raise money for charity. And we admit – we would pay to see it.

The Outdoor Swimming Society assures readers that swimming in cold water is not dangerous when approached properly. But they do strongly encourage the use of a wetsuit. They also suggest that swimmers slowly build up a tolerance to the cold temperatures. A Georgian’s first attempt would likely lead to a cold shock response – an uncontrollable gasp for air and subsequent hyperventilation. There’s also a smaller risk of hypothermia, which is when your body temperature drops below the necessary temperature for normal bodily function. That is, unless you are consuming alcohol and swimming in ice water, which would speed up the process of hypothermia.

Some studies suggest that there are some major benefits to regularly taking a dip in cold water. One study suggested that it boosts the immune system. It may also help your body heal from inflammation, get your blood and endorphins pumping and helps burn calories. Perhaps it is worth a try!

While our North Georgia weather doesn’t allow for true ice swimming, and we are almost surely too wimpy to attempt it, we salute those who do. It also makes us thankful for milder winters and water heaters!

At any rate (or temperature,) we at Hubb Plumbing wish all of you a happy Holiday Season!

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