We all love a good redneck joke. The Foxworthy’s shtick has kept us laughing for years, so we at Hubb Plumbing decided to come up with our own genre of “You might be a…” Jokes.

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You Might Be a Plumber Jokes LOL

Here are our top six:

1. You know you’re a plumber if… You don’t get offended when your coworker asks you for dope. “Pipe Dope,” also known as thread paste, is one of the most-used plumbing products because among other things, it seals off pipe connections.

2. You know you’re a plumber if… You bring your tools along when someone invites you over for dinner. You know the evening will inevitably end with your host dropping the hint, “Oh, um, would you mind taking a look at this weird thing my kitchen faucet is doing”? (Or toilet, depending on how close you are.)

3. You know you’re a plumber if… Monday is “Honey Oops” day. You know that you will get an uptick in business after the weekend. That’s when frustrated wives whose husbands tried their hand at a little DIY plumbing on their days off. Although you probably support the “Do It Yourself” option for minor repairs, you can’t help but chuckle at some of the mishaps.

4. You know you’re a plumber if… Your showers may or may not include soap. You won’t say. You know how much the scum can clog up a drain. Despite the risk of being a little smelly once in a while, you use the suds sparingly.

5. You know you’re a plumber if… You have a “strangest thing I have ever found in a pipe” story. We have 25 years plumbing experience, so we know that if you are in the business very long, you are bound to come across something strange in the drain.

6. You know you’re a plumber if… Your significant other dreads the company holiday party. There are no taboo subjects since your day to do day duties include, well, doody. You have seen it all as a plumber, so the potty jokes at plumber parties just, um, flow.

That’s it for us. For an experienced professional plumber in the Atlanta area (with a great sense of humor) give Hubb Plumbing a call!